PX625 Mercury Battery Replacement for Vintage Cameras


A 3D printed adapter for a modern hearing aid battery. It replaces the discontinued mercury batteries used by many vintage cameras. Available by itself (for use with 675 hearing aid batteries) or with the battery included as a drop-in replacement.



Many vintage cameras were designed to use 1.3v mercury batteries, which are no longer made. Blix’s favorite alternative is zinc air, which offers a pretty similar 1.4v that stays stable over the life of the battery.

The main downsides of that Zinc airĀ  are:

The batteries will run down in a couple months whether or not they are in use, and

Specialty drop-in replacements are usually pricey.

This 3D printed adapter solves that second problem. By taking a standard size 675 zinc air hearing aid battery and adding a 3D printed adapter, an off-the-shelf battery becomes a perfect fit for vintage CdS meter cameras. We offer both drop-in replacements, or the adapter by itself if you would like to supply your own batteries.

The EPX625G battery in the pictures is for reference only and not included in the listing. Make sure to remove the blue tab before use!

Happy metering!

Additional information

Weight .01 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × .46 × 1.5 in
Battery included

Yes, Adapter only


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