Accessory Shoe Mount for Olympus Pen F/FT/FV


The official Pen F accessory mounts are rare and expensive. This 3D printed part replaces the Olympus part and adds a mounting point for a light meter or other accessories.

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The Pen F is a great camera system, but accessories tend to be on the expensive side. These cameras don’t have a built in cold shoe accessory mount, and the official Olympus part can cost more than $60 online.

Enter 3D printing! This part is printed in black resin for high detail and accuracy, after which the letters are painted, then clear coat is added for gloss and durability.

Note that the underside will likely have some marks from support material.

This part relies on friction to hold it in place. Each part is printed with high accuracy to make sure it fits as tightly as possible without being too difficult to remove.

Take care when mounting accessories – this part is mostly intended for items like a light meter, bubble level, beanie hat, or something else light. It will physically hold a battery operated flash unit, but it’s not recommended unless yours is quite small.

As a side note, some super low profile modern light meters may not be compatible because this resin part has to be thicker than a metal part. Most meters should fit, but in the event yours doesn’t, we offer free returns!

We strive for the highest possible customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, or even if you just want to chat about photography, drop us a line at!

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Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in


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