Grip / Half Case For Canon Demi S


A durable half case to add attachment points for a neck strap to the Demi S. It also adds a grip on the right side to make the camera a little more ergonomic.



The Demi S is a great camera, but what if you want to attach a neck strap?

The Demi was designed to use a wrist strap that mounts to the tripod screw. Unfortunately, if your camera doesn’t have this wrist strap (or if you just prefer a neck or shoulder strap) you’re out of luck.

That’s why we designed and printed this half case! It screws into the tripod mount like the original Canon wrist strap, and provides your camera with a sturdy exoskeleton that you can mount a strap to.

In addition, it adds a grip on the right side of the camera that makes it a little more ergonomic (especially for photographers with larger hands), and gives you an easier and more secure way to carry the camera if you prefer not to use a strap.

This case may even protect your camera from some damage, though we don’t guarantee anything.

These cases are printed in durable PETG, a plastic that combines durability and printing accuracy. Each case ships with the captive tripod screw you need to securely attach it to your camera, and two string loops for attaching a strap.

Currently, this case has only been tested to fit the Demi S.

Additional information

Weight .15 oz
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in

Red, Silver


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