Blixchrome 100 35mm Color Slide Film • 14, 20, 24, & 36 Exposures • Great for Half Frame!


Blix Camera is excited to present our first film, Blixchrome 100! Blixchrome starts as Ektachrome 100D cinema slide film, which is then respooled into standard 35mm canisters. Blixchrome is available in smaller rolls, ideal for half frame cameras or just for saving a couple bucks. It can be developed in standard E-6 chemistry; no special…



(Note: This film is not DX coded! Some electronic cameras don’t have manual ISO settings, but usually they default to 100.)

Do you enjoy slide film but hate the price? Half frame cameras will double the number of exposures on a roll, but 72 frames is a lot even for the most avid photographers.

Film used to be sold in smaller rolls for shorter shoots, so why not revive that idea? Whether you’re shooting half frame or just want a shorter roll to save a bit of money, this is for you!

No special processing is required, but you may want to let your lab know that this is bulk loaded film.

This film is Kodak Ektachrome 100D, also known as Kodak 7294. It’s sold for use in motion picture cameras. However, the price per foot is much lower than their consumer film, which allows us to sell bulk loaded canisters for much less than standard Ektachrome!

  • 14 exposures
    If you just want a taste of slide film without breaking the bank, this is a great sample size. This should be around 28 half frame exposures.
  • 20 exposures
    A good quantity for day-to-day shooting. Film used to be commonly available in this size, so many cameras have a marking for it. Equates to 40 half frame exposures.
  • 24 exposures
    A standard size these days, though notably not for high end films like Ektachrome. Expect 48 half frames.
  • 36 exposures
    If you aren’t shooting half frame (or just want a big roll on standby for a long trip or something), this will get the job done. And you’ll still save quite a bit over consumer slide film!

As always, if you have any questions, drop us a line!

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

14, 20, 24, 36


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